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We used ‘inspire’ instead of ‘motivate’ because no matter how many times they are used interchangeably, the fact is they are far apart from what they mean.

While ‘inspire’ literally means ‘in spirit’, ‘motivate’ comes from the word ‘motive’. Both of these mean a different thing. Spirit comes from within, while motive is like an external force which asks you to take some action. It is just a difference of action – a pull force, and a push force.

While motivation pushes you to complete a task in hand, working hard whilst difficult circumstances, inspiration pulls you towards your desired heart, stirs your to mind, and awakens the soul. We get inspired by an event, a person, or even a circumstance.

Inspiration doesn’t let you think about a final result. It is a feeling which we want to cling to for a longer period of time. We don’t need an external force to push us to do something when we are inspired. The only reason that we need is to find meaning or rather, a feeling of purpose.

The ones who lack a clear vision of purpose or mission, are often the ones who require external motivation to keep moving forward. But those who live for a purpose, are inspired every day to give their best. No matter how tired they are, they never feel delusional about their goals. The ones who are motivating you were all their life an inspirational leader.

This is where we come in. We at InspirationAndSkill.com wish to not only make you inspirational leaders but also want you to know the way you can be one. We believe that motivation has been overused a bit more than it should have, and think that a person need not depend on an external stimulus to be motivated, rather they should themselves be the ones whom people follow.

We believe that acquiring skills will not only keep you engaged but also make you leave the vicious cycle of seeking motivation after each so called “failure”!

The next time someone asks you to motivate them, just find a way to inspire them. Ask them to look for the answers inside them, this is the key to devoted followers, everlasting change, and quantam-level growth.

Get Inspired by some skills!

All the best!

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