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Have you ever come across people who were not as hardworking as you were, but they got through while you kept struggling? In the midst of it, you lost your confidence because you thought God was unfair. How could you keep struggling while the other did it without many efforts?

Well my friend, let the truth be unfolded. The truth is, everything you ever had in your life, everything which you experience, is a direct result of whatever your thoughts are, whatever you’ve believed in, whatever you expect. There is no metaphysical entity enabling things in your life, or trying to drag you through a turmoil to test you. Rather it is all about how you have perceived things all through the journey.

Some days back, I used to think that whatever I thought, the opposite would happen. I am sure many will relate to this. But then I realized that things were not happening as I was expecting – for the opposite to happen for whatever I thought. Later, I realized what wrong was I doing. It is because our mind keeps deviating between – ‘it will happen’ and ‘it won’t happen’ that we have a result which is against our desires. You see, your mind gets confused attracting different energies at the same time. And hence you don’t have the results you’ve always wanted.


People wish to lead a happy life, but don’t know how to make things change. They want something to change in their life. But they only know that ‘something’ needs to be changed, not knowing what exactly is it they wish to change. They think that ‘life’ will happen eventually. They keep waiting and dreaming of a better life. But some people actually take action according to what they have always thought, and the results thus are fabulous!

The author goes on to explain that leading the life that you’ve always wanted has to be chosen by you yourself! Mind, a powerful machine, will give us whatever we ask for. Success, thus, can be planned and created. But how is that? I’ll try and point out the important points that the book unfolds gradually.

1. Rewriting your story

It’s your time now. Make some effort and persist, persist, persist! Don’t give up!

It doesn’t matter what happened in your past. Your future is a clean sheet and you yourself can reinvent it. But for that, you need to be disciplined, patient, and persistent in your positive thought process and actions.

FC Barcelona’s coach Josep ‘Pep’ Guardiola literally changed the success history of 115 years for his club. Before this, he made a remarkable speech in front of 73000 people in attendance, about how their team was going to persist, persist, persist until the end. The results are for you to see.

2. Self-Discipline and Commitment

It is willpower and commitment which would decide your success!

If you don’t have self-discipline with you right now, you need not worry. Training can help you attain both willpower and self-discipline. For this, you need to start by setting smaller and practical goals for yourself.

Thought about getting a new skill in a month? Focus on learning it for an hour a day first. Eventually, increase the speed and the hours dedicated to it. Visualize the benefits you’ll have when the road is at the horizon – when you can see that you’ve finally achieved what you had ever dreamt of!

3. Your life is a result of what you’ve done, take full responsibility for it!

Most people do not really want freedom, because freedom comes with responsibility, and people are frightened of the latter!

If you take responsibility for your life, you are becoming a protagonist of it. If you are blaming factors and circumstances, or ‘others’ for whatever has happened, how do you think you are ever going to change your life?

It is very difficult to tell ‘others’ to change. It is easier for you to take efforts to change yourself, and manifest through yourself whatever you ever thought you’d achieve. You should stop reacting to others, and instead start responding – a response through actions!

4. Why are the choices and decisions important?

When you’ve decided about something, the universe conspires to make it happen!

The most important thing for you to do is to take decisions. Whether the decisions are right or wrong doesn’t matter, unless you’ve decided what you wish to do. Once you’ve decided, you need to complement it with some actions. No matter what the results are, it is only when you put on action over your decision, that life happens.

Further, you have the choice of RESPONSE. So, it is very important for you to respond in a positive way, and that is a choice.

For example, Victor Frankl, one of the Jew in a German concentration camp in World War 2, took care of how the circumstances were going to affect him because it was a choice. He escaped in the end, despite such situations while his country was at War.

5. Beliefs!

Don’t be afraid of life, just believe that life is worth living. Your belief will help you create this fact.

It is your belief which ultimately creates reality. Beliefs are like the self-fulfilling prophecy, which work the way you have them. Beliefs influence your emotions, which influences actions. And actions are the ones which lead to RESULTS. But don’t worry if you have clung to certain negative beliefs about everything bad happening to you since childhood. Practice can help you change beliefs. Believe in yourself, this is an attitude. And this attitude is a choice!

Henry Ford said

If you think that it’s impossible, that you won’t make it, then you will not achieve it even if your effort is huge. For many decades it was thought impossible for man to run a mile under four minutes. In fact, there were scientific papers to prove this. But the day Roger Bannister achieved this feat, all these studies were shredded to crumbles. There are 1000s who have done it after him.

6. Attitude is important

Everything can be taken from a man, but one thing that cannot be taken from him is the freedom to choose. One can choose the attitude in any given circumstances.

– Victor Frankl

Attitude is the ultimate key to happiness. You’ll suffer a lot lesser if you accept the rules of the game. Everything that happens to you is a challenge and an opportunity at the same time. It’s not what happens in your life that’s important, rather it’s how you respond to what happens to you that makes your life.

Some healthy attitudes as pointed out by the author are –

  • Allow yourself to make mistakes
  • Learn from the mistakes
  • Admit about things you don’t know
  • Help others and get help in return
  • Put a proper demarcation between what you have done in your life hitherto, and how better you wish to make things ahead.

7. It’s all about perspective

A pessimist is somebody who complains about the noise when opportunity knocks.

Oscar Wilde

You must have heard people, ‘why does this keep happening to me?’, while there are others who say, ‘I am happy I couldn’t do it this time, I got to know a lot of things and am going to work on the areas I lack’.

There are higher chances for the latter to achieve everything in life, than the former can ever achieve. Every so-called ‘negative’ experience in life is actually a positive thing in disguise. The author says that we need to change the word ‘failure’ in our life to ‘feedback’ or a ‘learning experience’.

8. Have patience, don’t give up!

Our weakness lies in giving up. The most effective way to succeed is to have patience, and wake up the 8th time after you learn from your 7th!

It’s highly likely that before you taste success, there may come obstacles in your path. But there is greater virtue in never giving up. Perseverance is more important than talent, intelligence, and strategy. The top two habits that will decide between success and failure, between real change and staying in the same place are patience and perseverance.

Some steps on building a habit of persistence are as follows –

  • Having a clear goal in mind
  • Clear plan and acting upon the same with daily steps
  • Ignoring all the negative influence
  • Support of one or more person in your life is important. The ones who keep pushing you!

9. Learning the ‘Edison Mentality’

It is hard to fail, but it is worse to have never tried to succeed.

Paul Coelho says that there is only one thing which makes dreams impossible, and that is the fear of failure.

Edison before his invention tried almost 10,000 ways before he could manage arguably the toughest inventions of all time. Can we think of life without electricity? But what if Edison gave up on his 9999th attempt?

As kids, we didn’t have the mentality as we have as adults. If not, how would we walk then? We failed 1000 times before we knew how to walk. But we didn’t resist as we do now. Why the block then?


There are over 45 lessons in the book talking about practical aspects of life and ways to change the thought process. If you practice whatever is written in the book for 21 days, you could certainly bring in the changes you always wanted in life.

Remember, whenever you feel life cannot go ahead, you start with reading books. We at InspirationAndSkill.com are always here with Book Summaries, but we will always make you read them yourselves so that you can bring in the changes for yourself to see.

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